By Sam Arcaini
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College wants students to consider taking 15 credits per semester rather than the 12 that many now view as full-time status. The college will offer scholarships in the spring 2015 to encourage students to take the additional three credits.

The college is calling the effort “the power of 15.” By Sam Arcaini, CCC Journalism Program.

“You can’t finish up a degree in two years only taking 12 credits,” said Melissa S. Daly, development associate at CCC. “If you’re doing 12 credits, give it a shot, you might surprise yourself taking 15 credits. We are also suggesting seeing an adviser first, of course, to see if you can handle it.”

To encourage students to give it a shot, the college is offering scholarships for the additional three credits.

“We came up with this scholarship as a way to end students’ wondering why they aren’t finished their associate’s degree after only taking 12 credits (per semester) in two years,” Daly said. “One way we are adding incentive is by making students only pay the preparation fees of the class.”

Eligibility requirements for the scholarship include having already taken 20 credits, being enrolled in at least 12 credits but no more than 14 in the fall 2014 semester and having a grade point average of 2.5 or higher.

The change may be beneficial, said Dave White, a student on the Blackwood campus. “If you are trying to finish up school faster, then this is a pretty good and cost-efficient way to do so. You pretty much only pay what is considered tax on the last class, which is not that bad.”

However, Courtney Daniels, another student on the Blackwood campus, dislikes the change. “I feel like this is going to make school more stressful, I will have more homework, and I will have to cut my hours at work. Yes, the school is reducing the cost of the last three-credit course, but for those who can’t afford it or don’t qualify, it is almost pointless, because you would have to take out a loan or pay out of pocket anyway.”

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