By Diana Park
CCC Journalism Program

CAMDEN – Camden County College held its fourth annual Health and Wellness Fair Nov. 13. The fair was hosted by Educational Opportunity Fund Adviser/Student Adviser Carol Rosarto.

One of the most visited agencies at the fair was the Camden Area Health Education Center (AHEC). Representatives Brandy Williams and Christian Hill were there to provide vital information about HIV/AIDS to all those who stopped by. “We are all about empowering women to make healthier decisions … HIV/AIDS/STIs are a big problem in the community, especially Camden city,” Williams said.

Hill believes there is a lack of eduction in South Jersey about safe-sex practices and sexually transmitted diseases. “Although everyone thinks these diseases (HIV/AIDS) are dwindling it is actually increasing, affecting people between the ages of 13 and 24 … People just don’t know or are naive enough to think it won’t happen to them,”¬†Hill said.

Steven Mazzucco with CCC’s Dietetic Club was there to provide information about nutrition. He explained the importance of making healthy food choices and being active. “The cost of diabetes in the U.S. reaches $150 billion a year for type 2 diabetes,” Mazzucco pointed out.

CCC Student Whitney Stewart attended the fair. “I think this is an important event because not everyone knows how to take care of their body. If people would stop smoking, stop drinking and make better choices, they would be more healthy and feel better,” Stewart said.

Although Rosarto did not reach her goal of drawing 250 people to the event, she thought it went well with a little more than a hundred students and faculty members attending. Rosarto noted the Camden County Health Department administered 105 flu shots at the fair.

Rosarto said the fair was successful because of a team effort but would like to see changes for next year’s fair.

“I would like to see more of the college departments participate … We would want nursing and all the allied health to give information and athletics department too,” Rosarto said. She hopes Our Lady of Lourdes will return for next year’s fair. The medical center was unable to attend this year but participated every other year.

Camden County Health Department administers flu shots. By Diana Park, CCC Journalism Program.

Camden County Health Department administers flu shots. By Diana Park, CCC Journalism Program.

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