The Value of Public Speaking and Those Disconnected to It

By Sierra Morrison
CCC Journalism Program

One of the most important classes a student will take in college is public speaking according to Allison Green.  There are times when one will be asked to talk at an event such as a wedding or a funeral.  Also, a job might require o to talk such as a salesman, teacher, doctor, an attorney.

But what happens when technology impedes us from engaging in public speaking?

Technology has come a long way from the days when news could take days, weeks, or even months to be received.  During that period, one would have talk to multiple people for information.

Now, electronic media has reduced the need to talk to others.  As a result, people are limited to who they talk to, what behaviors are expected and how we dress.

Allison Green, assistant professor of speech and coordinator of performing and communication arts at Camden County College provided insight to these changes.

public speaking

public speaking

“Students are more isolated, as there not communicating in class and are more connected to their smart phones and those in their contact list, she said, students don’t know about local and world events and when they give speeches.  They’re limited.”

Asked about the value of public speaking, Green said, “Public speaking teaches thought discipline, thinking about others by including them in ideas, and learning about professional behavior.”

Tiffany Pinto a student at CCC voiced a similar view of how technology has impeded those from properly talking to others in a public setting.  “People are too busy to talk to others face-to-face and are always checking Facebook, (or) Twitter,” she said, kids in the restaurant are playing games on their parent’s iPad rather than socializing.”  “When people communicate, they engage in texting that’s short and sweet, they don’t talk.”

Asked about the value of public speaking, Pinto said, “I value public speaking very much, I believe in speaking eye to eye, and if you’re looking down away from me, I see that as disrespectful.”  Pinto mentioned how, when she was out on a date, her friends continuously looked down at their phones instead of talked.

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