By Brianna Dunlap
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – A career counseling session April 14 will teach students to create a professional resume, prepare for an employment interview and compete in the job market.

The flyer for the career counseling event can be found around the Blackwood campus.

The flyer for the career counseling event can be found around the Blackwood campus.

The Blackwood campus of Camden County College holds these Skills to Succeed sessions the second Tuesday of each month and the Camden campus holds them the third Wednesday of each month, said Joe Pranzatelli, Career Center coordinator and job developer at CCC. They have been taking place for about a year.

“Education is from the cradle to the grave. It doesn’t stop,” he said.

He stated he believes teaching students the basics of how to obtain a job will increase their confidence when seeking jobs and encourage them to advance in their careers.

“We’re teaching career progression and professionalism, which is something that everybody needs. It’s a lifelong thing,” Pranzatelli said about the Skills to Succeed sessions. “Basically we ask people why do they go to college. For most the reason that people go to college is they seek a position of leadership in our society. They seek self-improvement. They seek a lifelong time of learning. All of the traits that are of professionalism versus someone who just has a job. When you go for a job, career or whatever, one half of it is what skills do you have. The other half of it is how professional am I.”

Students may set up an individual appointment for an information session on how to obtain the skills to succeed with Pranzatelli. Students who want help writing a resume, making a phone script to speak with employers and networking with potential employers may contact Prazatelli during his office hours or attend the session April 14.

More information about the session can be found on flyers around the Blackwood campus and at http://www.camdencc.edu.

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