Taft Hall 

By Samantha Garwood
CCC Journalism Program

Students who belong to the Dental Hygiene Club at Camden County College are making it their priority to spread awareness of how important good dental hygiene is and how the dental hygiene program can help.

One freshman member, Paige Bannan, explained how important the club is to the dental hygiene department at CCC. She said that, although the club that meets once every three weeks isn’t mandatory, most students participate because it’s beneficial. It creates an environment where first and second year students can get together, network and help each other.

The club wants to get students into the new clinic in the science building (pictured below) and also make students aware that they have the opportunity to get their teeth cleaned for a great price.

The students who have been at CCC longer conduct the meetings and inform the newer students of upcoming events. Each member has a required number of patients they need to service at the Dental Hygiene Clinic. The events the club holds is an effective way for the club to talk to students about getting their teeth cleaned.

“We discuss upcoming events that the college is holding, different dental conferences and we brainstorm on how to spread important information,” said Bannan

Most dental conferences are for the longer attending students to attend. After attending, they report back to the club and the other students.

Bannan explains that conferences and meetings are all about networking, learning new techniques and information. As a newer student, she looks forward to attending those conferences in the future.

Another club member, Amanda Davis, said that the club uses opportunities like the Spring Fling that CCC holds in the courtyard every spring as a chance to spread awareness about the program.

“The dental hygiene club takes advantage of big events like the spring fling as often as possible. We hand out flyers, toothpaste and tooth brushes,” said Davis.

Along with handing information out, club members also try to strike up conversation about dental hygiene while at their booth. Davis explained that not many college students pay much attention to their dental hygiene, which is all the more reason to try to bring awareness to its importance.

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