By Julie Costa
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College is hosting its 48th Annual Student Art Show from April 22 to May 8 in Marlin Art Gallery in Lincoln Hall on the Blackwood campus.

Tom Simber and Nick St. Clair look at their classmates' artwork at the show. By Julie Costa, CCC Journalism Program

Tom Simber and Nick St. Clair look at their classmates’ artwork at the show. By Julie Costa, CCC Journalism Program

All the pieces featured in the show are by CCC students. Students have the opportunity to show their talent and some win prizes awarded by judges. The judges are Jacquelyn Sandro Greenwell from Cumberland County College and David Vaccaro from Rowan University.

Among the students who entered pieces in the show are those in basic painting classes as well as film majors, photography majors and art majors from classes ranging from drawing to ceramics.

Phil Rychert, Camden County College art teacher who runs the art show, said he enjoys watching his students evolve and make it to the art show. “It’s good for students who truly have a gift to not be afraid to show it to other people and take some criticism.”

“I encourage all students to pursue in something that they’re good at. You never know where it’s going to lead you,” Professor Curt Whipple said to his public speaking class.

Two of the winning students are Roffi Gousian for the best in show for his oil painting “Sebastian” and Brooke Lynn York for best photo for “Welcome We’re Closed.”

“I enjoy knowing that there is talent in community college. It’s good knowing that there’s just as much talent in a two-year school than a four-year university,” Hakeem Byrd said while browsing pictures.

Students who place in the show get gift cards. Visitors to the show buy some of the pieces produced by the students.

“I enjoyed seeing my classmates display their art in this year’s art show. It makes me proud knowing that people in this school are talented, whether it’s someone I know or someone I pass in the halls,” Nick St. Clair says.

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