By Megan Steigerwald
CCC Journalism Program

The sounds of a party could be heard in the Papiano Gym on Saturday April 25th when the Camden County College athletic department hosted its first Zumbathon .

People of all ages came out for the event, and through the high energy dancing, everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves.

Amanda Hunt, a participant in the Zumbathon and wife of a CCC graduate, said she does Zumba every week. She said it’s fun, energetic and a good way to make friends.

William Banks, athletic director at CCC, came up with the idea for the Zumbathon after seeing how popular Zumba was with his wife and her friends. He wanted to hold a fundraiser that would get students and the community involved.

Banks wanted to make the athletic department more visible among students and the community.

William Banks (standing) and his assistant Andrew Wallis (seated)

William Banks (standing) and his assistant Andrew Wallis (seated)

Since many view the community college experience with a sense of disjointedness, he wanted to give students “the college experience”, he said.

The Zumba instructors, friends of Banks’ wife, donated their time for the event allowing all the funds raised to go directly to the CCC athletic department. The money will pay for things such as travel expenses for athletes and gear for the gym.

The instructors, Megan Leypoldt and Carla Maggio have taught Zumba since 2010 and 2008, respectively. They are both passionate about Zumba. Leypoldt taught a class hours before the Zumbathon started.

(from left to right) Megan Leypoldt and Carla Maggio)

(from left to right) Megan Leypoldt and Carla Maggio)

They were happy to donate their time to the Zumbathon. “It’s all about helping out” said Leypoldt

Zumba is a community builder. It’s high energy and fun, “it’s like you’re at a party” said Maggio. Leypoldt and Maggio worked together to develop a two hour playlist that consisted of international dance music for the event.

A feeling of community filled the room before the event began. All of the participants knew each other and were chatting and and having a good time

“ if all goes well there will be one in the fall” , Banks said.

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