By Ryan Myers
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Students, faculty members and advisers took part in the second Project Connect in the Atrium at Camden County College on April 6 to 8.

Advisers and students participate in Project Connect. By Ryan Myers, CCC Journalism Program

Advisers and students participate in Project Connect. By Ryan Myers, CCC Journalism Program

Project Connect gave students a chance to meet with their advisers and schedule classes for the fall semester on the spot, by using computers to access the online portal called Web Advisor. Many students participated in this event, which had a bigger turnout than the first one in November 2014.

“I think it is a nice setup to take advantage of. It gives students access to advisers and faculty members,” said Kerry Barbuto, an adviser at Camden County College. “The time range of the event students don’t take advantage of, but I think it is a smart idea.”

Monica Reid, who is the head of the Advisement Office, said she was very pleased with the event.

“November 2014 was the first time we did it. It was very successful. We wanted to bring Project Connect to where the students are,” Reid said.

She noted in past years students didn’t know it was time to register.

“There has been more people helping than ever before. There are advisers, faculty members and department heads, all of whom are accessible to students during those days,” Reid said.

However, some students expressed a different opinion about the event.

“I did not like the new Project Connect event,” said Caroline Strazzullo, a student in her final year at Camden County College. “Although I still got to see the adviser I always see, it was very difficult to see my classes using the small tablet, compared to the big-screen computers. I like to go to advisement so THEY can put in my classes and I know it is done right. When I was going to put in my classes on my own, I found the ‘help’ that I received was not very helpful, and they really didn’t know how to use it.”

Reid said she hoped they will be able to conduct Project Connect next semester in the newly renovated Taft Hall.

“It is going to be a one-stop shop for students. Financial aid, advisement, registration and more will be over there,” she said.

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