By Michael Kraus
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Many students at Camden County College have been debating if they prefer going to a community college or a four-year university first. Most students at CCC wanted to go to a community college first but some would have rather gone directly to a four-year school.

Steve Egner attends Camden County College. By Michael Kraus, CCC Journalism Program

Steve Egner attends Camden County College. By Michael Kraus, CCC Journalism Program

CCC student Julian Sherrod said he prefers community college over a four-year university. One of the main reasons he prefers community college is the cost. He believes there is no reason to go to a four-year school first because he can take the same classes at CCC at a much lower cost. Sherrod also considers it a good building block.

When he graduated from high school, Sherrod said he had no idea what he wanted to do. He figured he could go to CCC first to complete his prerequisites and then decide what he wanted to do.

Sherrod also said he prefers attending CCC because he is able to be more active. “I am able to work as well as do things outside of school such as socializing with friends and going to concerts throughout the year.” If he went to a university, he said he wouldn’t be able to do everything he wanted to do.

CCC student Chris Terry said he also prefers community college to a four-year school. Terry wanted to attend CCC rather than a university because he did not want to accumulate as much debt from student loans. He chose to major in computer science but remains unsure of what he wants to do.

Terry said he chose to attend CCC also because it was convenient and many of his friends were going there as well. He prefers a small school with a small class size compared to a university with a large class size.

However, CCC student Steve Egner said he prefers a four-year school over a community college. Egner thinks the college is boring and feels students don’t socialize enough. If he went to a university, he would be able to meet more people since he would be living on campus.

He said he already knew his major would be nursing so he didn’t think it was worth going to community college. He said he would take it back if he could.

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