By Analisa Simpson
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Students and staff are calling the newly opened one-stop student services center in the renovated Taft Hall a success so far.

Taft Hall opened as a one-stop student services center this semester. By Analisa Simpson, CCC Journalism Program

Taft Hall opened as a one-stop student services center this semester. By Analisa Simpson, CCC Journalism Program

“I love the building. It’s beautiful,” said Joanne Kinzy, director of disability services, whose office is in Taft Hall.

Taft Hall has combined all student services into one, easily accessible building. In the building, students can register for classes, transfer credits, meet with financial aid advisers and seek employment with Camden County College. Taft Hall also houses the Admissions Department, Disability Services Office, International Student Office and Rutgers-Camden Advisement. The building also has a large presentation room for open house events and program information meetings. Students may also visit Taft Hall to use computers or to utilize extra space to study quietly or complete school work.

If a student is not sure how to navigate around the new building, student services greeters are there to help out.

“I like how all of the services are consolidated,” said Diane Burrell, a Camden County College student and student services greeter. “There will be times when there are a lot of students and it gets busy, but everyone here always wants to help. I like that we have teamwork.”

As the director of admissions at Camden County College, Steve D’Ambrosio said he is happy with how the new design of Taft Hall is working out.

“We have been getting positive feedback from students. They can register easier and they are happy they are not running around,” D’Ambrosio said.

“Everything is working out well, but there may be some additions to make the student experience better. We want students to have a smoother process from the time they walk in until the time they leave,” D’Ambrosio said.

Kinzy stated, “We are finally really accessible to the students.”

The building provides convenience for not only students but for the staff as well, Kinzy said.

“If someone needs something from someone else, they are right here,” Kinzy said. “There is a lot more camaraderie. With everyone together, it’s been like bonding. You can see a difference in the atmosphere itself.”

The college is planning a grand opening for Taft Hall for later in the fall and will inform students and staff about the date for the event, according to the college website.

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