Becoming an Athlete at Camden County College

The student athlete packet is a student’s guide to becoming a part of a team at Camden County College.

The packet is located at the Department of Athletics in the Papiano Gymnasium, and can be viewed at camdencc.edu.

The student athlete packet entails multiple forms and requirements that allow a student to join the CCC Cougars.

The first step to becoming an athlete is to contact the coach of the sport for which a student intends to play. This is important so that the coach knows the student is interested in joining the team.

Academics play a major role for athletes at CCC.

Student athletes must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits during each semester. A transcript from high school or other colleges attended is also required.

“I did not join the baseball team because I couldn’t manage full time school while working,” said Daniel O’Connell. There is evidence that a student must dedicate much time to school when becoming an athlete.

The NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) eligibility affidavit form, which refers to high school education and athletic participation in high school, also must be completed.

The NJCAA Amateurism Questionnaire must be completed by students who were recruited.

The student athlete statement, the eligibility statement, and the Buckley Amendment consent all have to be signed.

“I had to fill out the I-20 form that makes a student eligible for a visa to play,” Vinicius said. Vinicius Brito was recruited by the men’s soccer coach and played for two years at CCC.    He is from Brazil and is proof that a foreign student can become an athlete at CCC.

A student must have a sports physical done by his/her doctor in order to try out for a team.

The potential player must fill out the Athletic Medical History and Physical Exam Record forms.

The student must have had the tetanus vaccine immunization within the last 10 years. The student must complete the medical insurance form to become an athlete.

The student must sign the code of conduct and photography release.

Towards the end of the packet is the last form to complete: The Sports Information Questionnaire.

Along with patience, the completion of the student athlete packet and contacting the coach will lead the student to become an athlete at CCC.





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