The Camden County College men’s basketball team has scheduled a tryout for January 4th, 2016.

The team has recently began recruiting players from several different states to join the team for next year’s basketball season.

Justin Harris is on his second year playing on the team. This will also be his last. The team only allows players to play a maximum two years regardless if they are still a CCC student or not.

Although Harris will not be able to play on the team next year, his basketball career will not be coming to an end. He plans to transfer to Rutgers or Rowan to continue his basketball career. Now it is up to coach, Lou Abbattista to find new team members.

“I attend coach clinics to see if there is something new. We currently have 17 players. That may be more than any other division in the country. My objective is to get students to the next level based upon why they are here, which is typically to go to another college,” said Abbattista.

The tryout process normally includes 40 to 45 potential players. Once Abbattista picks the players, the practicing begins.

“My goal is success,” said Abbattista who is on his 35th year of coaching. He got his start coaching basketball teams at two different catholic high schools.

Abbattista likes to focus on fundamentals during his team practices and he likes to follow a certain type of conditioning.

“I like to teach the team how to play,” said Abbattista.

The team practices at 6 p.m. every night in the gymnasium on the Blackwood campus to prepare themselves for the games ahead.

Although the team practices even before the season begins, players try to get into shape to better prepare them for the games.

“I try to work out a lot to get into shape and I like to get to know my team mates” said Harris.

The men’s basketball team currently lost 6 games and won 7 games.

“That’s not good for us. We really need to step it up,” said Abbattista.

“The key is to work really hard and listen to the coach well,” said Harris.

The team plays many other surrounding county colleges such as Atlantic County and Union County.

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