By Paige Glenn
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Camden County College Cougars softball team and its head coach, Charles Reitano, are getting ready for their first home game of the season at noon March 26 against Sussex County College.

The team didn’t have enough women to play in the last two years, but this year “we don’t have a lot, but enough to play,” Reitano said.

The head coach said he is confident the team will show great sportsmanship no matter what happens in the game. “We’re in a no-lose situation. We have all first-year team players. I want the players to know, if they play with confidence and relax, we’ll be fine. We definitely have three good pitchers. Fortunately, they show up every day to practice and work hard.”

Linda Kovacs, college freshman and catcher, said she is positive the team will be able to put in the hard work on the field like they do in practice. “For opening day, I am looking forward to seeing us play together as a team for the first time and playing well and working together.”

Erin McAnney, college freshman, third baseman and outfielder, said confidence plays a big role in the game. “I just get in the right mindset. I have to remember that mistakes happen and every play is a new play and every swing and pitch is a new one.”

Alexis Doran, college freshman and pitcher, stated, “This season I really hope to become the best softball player I can be. This includes batting, pitching and infield. I want to be the best teammate I can. It’s really important to support each other and keep each other positive throughout the season.”

Reitano said he believes what makes this team strong is it’s a close family. “We’re trying to get them to bond and be a family – not practice then go home. Last week, they got water ice together. They really seem to like to get to know each other and help each girl get better.”

“We are all on different levels of playing softball,” stated Lindsey Farmer, college sophomore and pitcher, “There are some girls that haven’t played in years and some that have never stopped. Always cheering on your teammates and keeping a positive attitude is how you keep each other strong. Everyone makes mistakes, so you can’t talk down to a player when that happens, that’s what the coaches are there for. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.”


Head Coach Charles Reitano prepares for practice for the first home game. By Paige Glenn, CCC Journalism Program

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