By Dana Berger
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – A lecture on the roles of women in Iran concluded a series of lectures focused on the crisis in the Middle East.

The lecture, which occurred on the evening of April 20, was called A Contradiction in Terms? Women, Revolution, and Empowerment in Iran. It focused on the relationship between modern Iranian women and politics, popular culture, and diplomatic history.

The event was presented by Firoozeh Kashani-Sabe, professor of history at the University of Pennsylvania. She emphasized not only Iran’s conflicts, but also its uniqueness. “It is a beautiful place,” she said, “that has accepted many different peoples and languages.”

Held in the Civic Hall of Camden County College’s Blackwood campus, the free event was the last of six guest lectures on the Middle East. The lectures, beginning on March 2, addressed subjects from the historical origins of conflict to terrorism and ISIS in the modern Middle East.

The lecture, lasting approximately an hour, was attended by a large gathering of students and other interested listeners. When the lecture concluded, attendees gathered and discussed the topics presented that evening.

Norah Rahimi, a 44-year-old student at Temple University about to receive her bachelor’s degree in business administration, spoke about her connection to the subject of the lecture. “My mother grew up in Iran and I have aunts, uncles, cousins who have lived their whole lives there. I listen to this lecture and I think about my family and it all feels very relevant and personal to me.”

In addition to Rahimi, attendees without previous familiarity with the subject matter were present. For Lindsey Suarez, a second-year CCC student, this was her introduction to the subject of women in the Middle East. “It’s not something that I had much information on before,” said Suarez. “It was very eye-opening and makes me think about what women in every nation are facing, not just the ones here, at home.”

With this event, the Center for Civic Leadership and Responsibility’s spring lecture series came to a close. The center’s brochure of summer events is available on the CCC website at http://www.camdencc.edu.

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The lecture on Iran took place in Civic Hall on the Blackwood campus. By Dana Berger, CCC Journalism Program

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