By Shavhon L. Bouche
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – With the Nov. 8 presidential election fast approaching, some voters are having difficulty deciding whom they consider “the lesser of the two evils.”

Matthew Anstreicher, 31, a security officer from Cinnaminson, said, “I’d rather put my own name on the ballot. I don’t like either one of them, but we got to choose the lesser of the two evils.”

Republican candidate Donald Trump has rubbed some people the wrong way with his views on immigration and certain economic classes and his derogatory references to women have put him on the hot seat even with members of his political party.

For example, this August 2012 tweet by Trump about Ariana Huffington, the wife of the Huffington Post’s founder, has resurfaced and been used against him: “Ariana Huffington is unattractive, both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man – he made a good decision.”

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has rubbed some people the wrong way by things she has said and done.

For example, controversy has arisen over deleting official emails and some voters were upset by her reference to young black men in trouble with the legal system as “super predators.”

Harry Adams, 39, a father of three from Washington Township, said, “I bet we will be at war within a year with either one of these candidates as our next president. They will get us all killed.”

But not all potential voters feel they are doomed in this election. Some believe good can come if their candidate becomes president.

Junito Mike Ortiz, 22, of Camden, said he supports Clinton because “she is for the people and she wants to see a positive change and I trust her. No one is perfect but she is for all American people.”

Clinton’s many years of experience, including as secretary of state from 2009 to 2013, have brought her support from some voters. Trump’s views on economic and security issues have drawn him backing from other voters.

George Greener 41, a security guard from Paulsboro, said he likes Trump because “the political system is flawed. Trump is more honest and outspoken and will change the government body and how we elect a president in the future.”


Camden County College students intend to exercise their right to vote in November. By Shavhon L. Bouche, CCC Journalism Program

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