By Danyelle Catling
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Camden County College bookstore has just begun price matching on textbooks with Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

“We will match the exact book to the exact book, so purchase new to purchase new and purchase used to purchase used,” said Joyce Jefferson, manager of the Camden County College bookstore. As for renting, she said, “We do not match third party, so for amazon.com it would have to say ships from and fulfilled by amazon.com.”

Price matching with Amazon and other parts of Barnes and Noble – the Camden County College bookstore is operated by Barnes and Noble – began after Barnes and Noble tested the idea at a few stores and found it was successful, Jefferson said. The company has since brought it to college bookstores all over.

College student Austin Adams just discovered that the bookstore does prices matches. “I think I’d go to the bookstore and check the price there and go to Amazon and check the price there and price match,” Adams said, noting this can result in saving time and money.


These textbooks can be found in the Camden County College bookstore. By Danyelle Catling, CCC Journalism Program

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