By Muthia Riziany
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Some international students and officials at Camden County College are hoping to advance a fledgling international students club at the college.

Alexander Prayoga, an international student from Indonesia, attends Camden County College. By Muthia Riziany, CCC Journalism Program

The college has about 300 international students from around the world. Most come from Asia, while others come from Europe and Africa. An international students club can help them deal with academic matters and share their experiences, club advocates say.

“We need a place to relax after school and learn from others,” said Ly Nguyen, an international student from Vietnam.

She said the club can help international students get over being homesick and connect with other students; however, they need to adjust to their new environment. She said she had not heard about the club but would like to join it.

Alexander Prayoga, an international student from Indonesia, said he has had some difficulties in his first year of college because of the language barrier between himself and other students, but he practices communicating to help him find more friends and information. He said he heard about the club in his first semester at the college.

“The club apparently established last fall session and we do not have any specific agenda yet,” said Prayoga.

He said about 10 students belong to the club and are establishing an organizational structure and setting an agenda. He said he hopes more students will join the club to improve the experience for international students.

Lani Nguyen, the international student services director, said her office has held some activities for international students, including an international day, movie screening and field trip, but it does not yet have a permanent place for students to share their thoughts and experiences.

“The idea of creating an international students club is not only beneficial for international students, but also for American students who want to learn about other cultures or foreign languages,” Nguyen said.

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