By Gianna Flacco
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Some students who attend class at Camden County College say they feel the Wi-Fi on the Blackwood campus is inadequate and needs to be fixed.

Students who use laptops and cell phones all around campus voiced their opinions about being unable to access the college’s Wi-Fi.

“The Wi-Fi on campus is horrible. There’s no point in even trying to use it because it never works. I would rather waste my data than waste my time waiting for the Wi-Fi to work,” said student Amanda Morrison. “I hope they fix it because having to leave campus to use Wi-Fi at the closest Starbucks is inconvenient.”

Student Devon CastaƱeda presented a similar opinion. “I hate the Wi-Fi. It’s slow and barely works. The Wi-Fi takes forever to connect, and when you do connect it doesn’t work,” she said.

She stated she noticed the only places she experienced connection to the Wi-Fi were some areas of Madison Hall and the Otto R. Mauke Community Center.

“They should place more routers around school so that the Wi-Fi signal is stronger and you can connect anywhere on campus, not just certain areas of Madison Hall or Community Center,” she said.

Professor Tom Murray, who teaches film and TV production in Truman Hall, said his students have been able to get on the Wi-Fi.

“Even though I work here, I have access to Wi-Fi that isn’t campus Wi-Fi, but the Wi-Fi has been great for students in my production class. There aren’t many students accessing the Internet in Truman Hall as there are in other buildings, which could be the reason for easy connection here,” he said.

He offered advice for students who are experiencing problems. “The Office of Information Technology is there to assist any Internet problems students may have. You can always call or email them and can try and resolve any issues you may have.”


A student laptop is unable to access Camden County College’s Wi-Fi. By Gianna Flacco, CCC Journalism Program

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