By Michael C. Roback
CCC Journalism Program

Three Camden County College students swept the awards for web projects for two-year colleges in the 2016-17 New Jersey College Newspaper Contest sponsored by the New Jersey Press Foundation.

Autumn Caraballo won first place, Jacquelyn Knoll won second place, and Rachael Crismond won third place for their projects. The students produced the projects for communication class assignments and for publication on CCC Times, the online source for news produced by students for students at Camden County College. The projects combined text, photos and graphics to tell stories.

The New Jersey Press Foundation announced the awards in March and will present them to the students at its spring conference and awards ceremony on April 8.

Caraballo won first place for Life and loss: The Matthew Stauffer story. The story follows Stauffer, a 19-year-old CCC student, through the places he travels, telling the tragic story of his brother’s death and the inspiring story of his ride back to joy.

“When I found out that my work was selected to be entered into the contest, I was excited. I figured that the fact that my work was even considered in the first place meant that it was better than I realized,” Caraballo said.

Upon winning, she said, “When I found out that I won first place, I was beyond excited! I felt like something good was going to happen, but to win the top spot was unexpected.”

Her project is at https://ccctimes.news/2016/04/15/life-and-loss-the-matthew-stauffer-story/.

Knoll won second place for Defend Until the End. The story defends the controversial topic of the Second Amendment – the right to bear arms – by using practical examples and quotes from an experienced hunter.

About winning the award, Knoll said, “I was amazed to find out that I actually got second place. I was so proud of myself for accomplishing something this big and couldn’t wait to tell my parents that I actually won. When I found out that all three winners were students of CCC, I was happy for myself and my fellow peers. We worked hard all semester and it felt good to be noticed.”

Her project is at https://ccctimes.news/2016/11/23/defend-until-the-end-photo-essay/.

Crismond won third place for Future Firefighter Ignites Way to Better Future. The story follows 23-year-old Lester Collins and his journey to become a successful firefighter while being passionate about God and being a hard-working student.

“I did not even know there was a contest. Professor (Drew) Jacobs asked me if he could submit my photo journalism assignment into the contest and I said it was fine. I did not think twice about the contest before that. I was very thankful and excited to have won third Place in the web project category.”

Upon finding out CCC students captured all three spots in the category, Crismond said, “I was in awe that all the students from Camden County won the web project category. I don’t know how many county colleges there are, but for all of us to have been chosen, and we’re all from the same school, has a lot to say about our professors and our ability to make an assignment our own.”

Her project is at https://ccctimes.news/2016/11/20/future-firefighter-ignites-way-to-better-future/.

The winning students are (clockwise from left) Autumn Caraballo, Jacquelyn Knoll and Rachael Crismond.

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