By Lindsay Overmyer
CCC Journalism Program

Camden County College announced recently it selected the Camden County Improvement Authority to take over physical plant management on campus.

A planter of pansies sits atop freshly planted grass seed outside Civic Hall. By Lindsay Overmyer, CCC Journalism Program

The CCIA is, according to its mission statement, “an independent public body created by the Camden County Board of Freeholders to provide financing and development services for community, economic, employment, redevelopment and affordable housing development projects.”
According to a resolution from the CCIA’s January 2017 meeting, it also committed to undertake the development and financing of a parking facility in Camden, which required an agreement with Rowan University and Cooper Health System.
Several CCIA staff members either were unavailable for comment or declined to comment, saying they did not know about the topic, which the college announced in an email recently.

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