By Angela Thomas
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Students shared pictures, art, food and dress from their homelands from as close as Mexico to as far as Lebanon at International Day on April 18 at Camden County College.

Participating students stood proudly by their displays, ready to offer a taste of their culture to visitors. Displays from countries such as Jordan, Morocco and Algeria lined the Connector Atrium on the Blackwood campus. Students packed the atrium eager to learn more about their classmates.

Mavis Amegah, a human services major, represented Ghana. Her poster board displayed colorful pictures of women and men dancing in traditional dress, a popular street festival called Chale Wote, and suburban homes.

“I put together this presentation for my country because it showcases a lot of our culture in terms of fashion and dance,” she said. “Dancing, drumming and how we dress play an important role in our culture. And actually the dress I’m wearing today is representing the northern region.”

She described International Day as exciting and informative and said “at the same time it makes you feel at home.”

International Day also included performances of traditional dance and song. The atrium filled with the sounds of loud drumming, music and applause.

James Arvo, a journalism major from Ghana, helped organize the annual event for the second time.

“I saw the need to bring together all of the international students because everybody seems to be to themselves. Some are challenged by language. Some find it difficult to make friends,” he said. “There was an international club of some sorts but I decided to join with professors to organize a lot of things. I’m also working with the president of CCC to set a date so he can meet with the international student body to answer any questions that they may have.”

He said he hopes International Day will continue after he graduates.

James Arvo and Mavis Amegah share information about their cultures at International Day. By Angela Thomas, CCC Journalism Program

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