By T’Mara Morris
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College students and teachers have been taking precautions to protect themselves against the flu in what has turned out to be a severe season for the virus.

Jacquelinn Walker, a nursing student on the Blackwood campus, discusses her precautions against the flu. By T’Mara Morris, CCC Journalism Program

Many went to their primary care provider to receive the flu shot. Also, people can lessen the chance of contracting the virus by eating healthy, staying hydrated, getting plenty of rest and most importantly washing their hands. The college has sanitizer pumps in each building to help reduce the spread of germs.

Jacquelinn Walker, a nurse and student on the Blackwood campus, said, “Most people aren’t aware that they have encountered the flu. They tend to think it’s a common cold.”

As a nurse in a children’s hospital, Walker takes precautions such as getting the flu vaccination shot and constantly washing her hands.

Meredith Amos, secretary to the dean of arts, humanities and social sciences, keeps Lysol at her desk. “We’re not as exposed to many people as the bookstore or the cafeteria, but I still like to make sure I wipe everything down in Lysol just to be safe,” Amos said.

Despite the concern, Drew Jacobs, coordinator of the communications program, said he has seen only one case of the flu in school this winter. “I have only had one student that I am aware of that has encountered the flu virus. She was out for about a week, but we kept in contact via email.”

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