By Meleena Cruz
CCC Journalism Program

Director of Communications Julie Yankanich speaks about the re-accreditation. By Meleena Cruz, CCC Journalism Program

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education on March 28 re-accredited Camden County College for 10 years. The re-accreditation followed several years of self-study by college community members and a three-day visit by Middle States representatives.

The commission describes itself as “a voluntary, non-governmental, regional membership association” whose goal is to assure students they are receiving a quality education. Camden County College met all 15 requirements of affiliation for the re-accreditation.

The college received praise for its Partners in Learning program, in which faculty members observe and evaluate other faculty members who teach other subjects, along with its effort to reduce the amount of credits in associate’s degree programs.

“I thought I’d feel relieved it was over but it’s more of a feeling of validation,” College Director of Communications Julie Yankanich said about the re-accreditation.

Although the commission did not make any recommendations for improvement, its representatives did agree with the college’s list of areas for improvement. That list included better internal communication among staff members, preventative maintenance, stabilization of college leadership within departments and the creation of a human capital plan with special interest in hiring diverse staff members.

A lawn sign shows a link to a Middle States FAQ page. By Meleena Cruz, CCC Journalism Program

Middle States Evaluation Team Leader Anne Kress referred to the teaching staff as “a dedicated and enthusiastic cadre of full-time instructional personnel” who were “effective in the use of technology in teaching.” As a whole the college has shown their dedication to providing each student with an exceptional education at an affordable rate.

To spread the word, the college has placed lawn signs on the campus showing a link to a webpage designed to take visitors to a FAQ page about Middle States.

In the next five years, Camden County College will start the process or seeking its next re-accreditation.

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