By Sierra Chunko
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College hosted an open house for prospective students on April 7 on the Blackwood campus.

The Camden County College Cougar mascot greets visitors to the open house. By Sierra Chunko, CCC Journalism Program

The open house started at 8:30 a.m. with the Camden County College Cougar mascot greeting prospective students at the door as they entered. After getting their initial introduction, prospective students were guided through tables with potential programs they could pursue when applying to Camden County College. At each table were pamphlets and boards for a general rundown of what the program consisted of and related courses the prospective students would need to take. Department heads and students were at the tables to answer questions.

After the prospective students got a feel of the majors and programs, buses gave a tour of the campus. Prospective students could also join a walking tour of the campus, where current students went more in depth about the functions of the buildings.

Panels were held in Taft Hall to inform students about more common areas of concern.

The first informational panel was called How to Enroll in College, in which Steven D’Ambrosio from the admissions office went over details about enrolling. He covered how credits transfer from CCC to a four-year college or university, noting the Lampitt Law established that after graduating from a community college in New Jersey, students will enter a four-year college or university at the junior level in most instances. D’Ambroio also discussed the six easy steps for applying to Camden County College and how to apply for financial aid.

Immediately following, Janelle Gibson covered How to Pay for College. Gibson explained the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and how to complete it, as well as why it is important to complete it as soon as possible. Gibson mentioned students need not wait to file the current year’s income tax return because the FAFSA can be based off of two years prior. “Financial aid really is just a combination of money you don’t have,” Gibson stated, noting financial aid is meant to provide the student with the additional money they will need to pay for their education. Gibson also mentioned scholarship websites as alternative choices for financial aid.

Linda Drexel finished the informational panels with How to Choose a Major. Describing the programs CCC provides, Drexel focused the panel on the ways to pick a major and majors that are easily transferable. Drexel said the focus is to take the basic, core classes of the major at CCC to allow an overall look at the program.

The open house ended at 11 a.m. shortly after the panel with Drexel concluded. Students were able to get a last look at the program tables and to ask any questions they might have still had.

“I found out about the open house through the college website. I’m not sure where I want to go for school when I graduate, but everyone keeps telling me to go to community college first. We’ll see,” said prospective student Emily Delora.

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