By Brooke Destra
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College recently condensed its academic divisions from three to two.

The Camden County College Board of Trustees approved the change early this year. It became effective at the start of the fall 2018 semester. The reason for the move was to improve the efficiency of the academic majors and programs to make sure the students were receiving the best opportunities at the college.

The three previous divisions were Liberal Arts, Math and Science, and Health Careers. The two new divisions are Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, and Math, Science and Health Careers.

Administrators and faculty members involved in the change declined to comment, but Camden County College students, those who are affected by the change, did express their opinions.

Christian Bautista, a second-year business administration major, said he hadn’t known about the change but it was crucial to his education.

“I believe it’s important for us students to be aware,” Bautista stated. “Maybe a better way to announce this would have been to have teachers in each class tell them what happened within the school and whether or not this change will in any way affect those enrolled.”

Courtney Fields, a first-year business administration major, said the move could prove to be beneficial because streamlined administration could lead to a more focused approach when planning courses.

However, Fields stated, “It could prove to be harmful in other ways. Changing the number of divisions from three to two could come off as the school not having much specialization. While current students may not see a difference, prospective students looking into colleges may be turned away from this.”

A street sign stands on the Blackwood campus. By Brooke Destra, CCC Journalism Program

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