By Sydney Brown

CCC Journalism Program

The struggle of working and school

BLACKWOOD – Nevaeh Lyons is a sophomore at Camden County College. She is a pre-med nursing major who plans on completing her entire four years of schooling through Rutgers University at Camden County College. She balances babysitting, caring for her siblings and pets, and being a full-time college student.

Nevaeh Lyons walks toward a building at Camden County College. By Sydney Brown, CCC Journalism Program

To work, to back home

Lyons takes four classes at Camden County College. She is balancing the load of her schoolwork with her babysitting duties. She drives from the house at which she babysits to her home, where she must focus on completing her schoolwork. “Nursing is not easy. I only expect next semester to be more vigorous,” she said.

Lyons leaves Camden County College to head home and to start her schoolwork there. By Sydney Brown, CCC Journalism Program

Being a caretaker

Lyons spends at least four days a week babysitting for one child of a family friend, while also having five little siblings at home whom she helps care for. “It is hard for me to have free time since I babysit so much but it is a job I enjoy,” she said.

Her best friend, Shannon Leary, said she sees Lyons’ hard work and its results. “She is a ray of sunshine that lights up people’s days and is very hardworking,” Leary said.

Lyons sits with her siblings and her puppy, Thor, at her home. By Sydney Brown, CCC Journalism Program

Responsibility and fun

Lyons enjoys spending time with her younger siblings as well as her dog, Thor. Short walks with him may be a bit of a chore but it relieves the stress of work and school. “We don’t usually walk him very far yet but he gives us responsibility at home but also love,” she stated.

Lyons takes a short walk with her dog in her neighborhood. By Sydney Brown, CCC Journalism Program

Free time/me time

When Lyons has time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and has recently shown interest in skateboarding. It is something she does for fun and is a stress reliever for her as well. “I’m not that good, but I am getting better and it’s something I want to get better at,” she said.

Lyons skateboards and takes pictures in an empty parking lot at Timber Creek High School. By Sydney Brown, CCC Journalism Program

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