Urban Unity

By: Karie Candelario

Have you ever wanted to join a club in school but did not know which one to choose from? Well, Urban Unity is one of many clubs that offers great opportunities for students here at Camden County College.

Urban Unity is a club held in the Camden Campus and run by student sand advisor to the club Bessie Williams. In this club students get together to plan activities and talk about what they want to do in order to get involved with the community around them.

“We plan activities to unite African Americans, Latinos and Asians in the community,” says Brandye Fraizer a student club member at Urban Unity.

The club tries to unite students through educational, cultural, and social events by planning activities that the students can benefit from and also benefit there community. Past events such as roller skating, a school dance, and even a musical jam to help the homeless are just a few events that have been accomplished. New activities for this spring semester include a trip to Baltimore to see the Great Black Museum, a trip to Washington D.C for the Cherry Blossom Festival and even a Spelling B for those who are good at spelling.

Vice president Falio Leyba Martinez spoke in one of Urban Unity’s meetings of an upcoming job fair event that will take place at the Camden campus in the College Hall Community room. The Job fair will be scheduled for March 10, 2010 from 10am to 1pm. Students will have the opportunity to apply for various jobs and learn useful ways to improve their chances of getting into the working atmosphere.

Urban Unity does not only provide students the freedom to plan their own activities but also to help students become socially involved, socially responsible and capable of gaining the skills to work with people outside of  the school atmosphere.

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