“I try to expect it so I’m not surprised…”, is Ashley Blansche’s method to dealing with the strange looks she receives from students while she is passing out flyers to the Christian Connection Club. After being treated with such little respect, she later finds the flyers she had put effort into are littered throughout Camden County College, and Blansche is the one left to blame for the mess. Ashley Blansche shakes off this incident and continues on to explain the purpose behind the Christian Connection Club which she is in charge of.

Crowded together at a round table in the cafeteria, the club discussed this is more than a place to express beliefs and appreciate religion and passion, it is an opportunity to give back the advantages most students have. Ashley Blansche, as well as a few other members, suggested with enthusiasm on Tuesday’s meeting some community service work for “My Father’s Hands”, where they will be bagging/preparing sandwiches to distribute throughout poorer areas. Another possible example of future work to be done is for a pregnancy clinic, at which money may be raised for distressed women to receive free care from bottles to ultrasounds. For help with these projects, the Christian Connection Club is affiliated with the Bethel Christian Center, located on Erial Road (across the street from Highland Regional High School).

In the rewarding yet challenging aspects of community service, as well as the pressure to be accepting towards other students, lies encouragement in stories told at the club meetings. Blansche explains “I do it because I want to do it…I’m not forced to do it [reading the Bible and prayer]. God wants us to enjoy”. The inspiration drifts along when Blansche continues, “God is not looking on the outside [of us], He is looking on the inside. Be holy in all you do. When someone tells you [that] you are wrong for what you believe in, that can be really damaging.”

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