Human Services Club is an outreach program that participates in different volunteer and fundraising activities. Every first Tuesday of the month at 3:15 pm in Madison 111, the members open the doors to everyone with an organized agenda of upcoming events and situations to be discussed. The club raises money for scholarship funds as well as money and materials for the unfortunate.

Human Services Club co-sponsors with NJEAYC Southern Chapter’s “Early Childhood Association” which helps them earn much of the scholarship funds. Karen Marinoff, Human Services Club advisor, said, “Last fall and spring, the Early Childhood Association helped the club earn over $800 dollars.” The Human Services Club is known throughout the school for selling pretzels. The money earned by the club goes to charity as well as scholarship funds. The money made from the pretzel sale on Wednesday, April 7 will be donated to CASA, child abuse prevention program. Other charities that have been done in the past include a prom gown collection, Ronald McDonald House charity, Suit Yourself Drive, and collection of soda can tabs. On Tuesday April 13 at 3:30pm, there will be a walk-a-thon to support child abuse prevention at the Presidential Courtyard. It is important for students, faculty, and staff to participate because April is child abuse prevention month. Donations are also accepted and dropped off in room 200 in the Student Life Center. All proceeds are given to CASA.

Being an active participant in the Human Services Club helps benefit others as well as yourself. The club is laid back and a great way to interact and share thoughts with others. The agenda’s for each month include topics to be discussed as well as a food for thought. “Open your heart and open your mind.”

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