By: Ashley Deleski

Student tempers rise at Camden County College (CCC) when trying to sell back their used textbooks to the bookstore. The campus struggles with easing the tempers of the students who want get some money back for their highly priced books.

Costs of text books for college courses have gone up and new versions have come out leaving students with those unwanted books and empty pockets. When it comes to buying your textbook at the campus bookstore you are not guaranteed to be able to sell your book back at the end of the semester causing students to become hostile towards the workers.

Jasmine, a former student and current worker at the bookstore, says students are rude sometimes even curse when they find they can not sell books back. Although they may not like the rules set in place at the bookstore, it is still a business and needs to make a profit.

Jasmine explained that most of the students that do come in and get upset about not being able to sell their books back or don’t get half of what they paid are the freshman’s. She says, “the current students know the drill and know what to expect so they usually don’t’ say too much but newer students don’t so they usually give attitudes and become hostile”.

As far as changing of textbooks for the courses, Jasmine says, “Publishers need to make money for their books and departments update books due to newer versions being printed. I don’t think students would want to be learning or reading from a book that is ten years old versus a book that is two years old with updated information.”

Joseph Andrews 24, is a current student at CCC and does not agree with not be able to sell all your books back at the store or even not getting half of what you paid for them.

Andrews has found at least one way to make a small profit off the books he cannot sell back. He says, “The books the college does not buy back I sell on Amazon”. “Even if I can only get $30 for a book I paid $100 for at least I’m getting something back,” he explained.

Even though Andrews has found a way to make some of his money back it still doesn’t ease his mind about not being able to sell his books back to the bookstore. Unfortunately he cannot sell all of his books on Amazon either. Andrews says, “The books I can’t sell at all I’m stuck with I feel that I got ripped off because I spent that money for a book I only needed for 15 weeks”.

Jessica 21, a current student and bookstore employee likes her job at the bookstore but also feels it is unfair at times when the bookstore cannot buy her books back either.

However, a new website is booming due to students who can’t afford the cost of those highly priced textbooks. It’s called Rent-a-book.com and it is designed for students to actually rent their textbooks they need for their courses.

Jasmine feels that is a fantastic website and has seen it as a positive thing for the campus. She says, “In a few years I think that more than eighty percent of students will be getting their textbooks this way.”

Jasmine also explained that by the time a student rents a book for about $50 for the semester that’s all it will cost them. But if they were to buy to the book from CCC bookstore and pay about $100 and then sell it back for maybe half of what they paid, it equals out to being the same or even less on Rent-a-book.com.

The website is just a little simpler because you get it done all at once. All that is needed for you to be able to rent your textbook is a debit or credit card and you will be charged upon returning the book.

However upon returning the book back after renting it any damage to it you will be charged. Highlighting and writing are allowed in the book with the exception that it’s not excessive.

Prices vary with the textbooks and unfortunately not all titles are available. Although not every book is available on the website students are very happy with this new shortcut for getting the required textbooks at a very low cost.

One thing that might help decrease students tempers is the fact that CCC is promoting Rent-a-book.com. Students are also able to order a book from the website right at the CCC bookstore.

This website is becoming popular by the day and more students are using it rather than going through the bookstore hassle and frustration.

Even though not all of the textbooks students buy are guaranteed to be sold back to the bookstore there several ways in which a student can save money. Whether it’s going to Rent-a-book.com or even selling the books on Amazon students will not give up and tempers will hopefully subside.

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  1. A further way to save on textbooks has arrived. Based on an average student spending 500 dollars a semester on books can drastically save using the Amazon Kindle, or kindle iPad application. While renting books is a good way to start, with the technology we have now, it is the same price to rent a book as it is to buy the kindle version. Not only is it cost efficient, but it has personally made me a better student. With all of the features such as built in dictionary, notepad, etc. it seems like a no brainer.

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