By Valarie Zayszly
CCC Journalism Program

CAMDEN – A workshop on writing research papers for students who attend Camden County College will be held at the Camden campus on Monday, April 11. Students are to meet in the technology center in room 204 on the second floor.

Dean Boyer, a secretary at the academic advisement office, says “the workshop will mainly show students the proper way and style to write research papers.” Boyer says, “Generally, they’re always free and depending on what time in the day the event is depends on the amount of students attending.”

The workshop, not beginning until 2 p.m., will allow students who have morning classes to stay and attend. “Flyers are not even printed yet and will not be posted up until next week,” says Boyer.

The workshop will be conducted by an outside guest by the name of Ms. Brown. Boyer says, “Brown occasionally works part time at the Camden campus.”

Events similar to this are usually held every few weeks. Sarah Diphillipo, a 21-year-old nursing major at the campus, says “they surprisingly do teach you a new thing or two on material you weren’t too familiar with.” Attending about three workshops so far, Diphillipo says she plans to attend the April 11 event in hopes to be an expert in writing a perfect paper.

Students are advised to bring a pen and a notebook to take notes for helpful tips. Students of all majors are encouraged to attend whether they are in classes that deal with writing papers or not. Every student has the opportunity to get familiar with MLA and APA formatting when writing research papers. The workshop will offer different ways to get comfortable with writing papers in general and allow for any related questions to be answered.

The workshop will be held in CTC 204. By Valarie Zayszly, CCC Journalism Program

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