By Kelly DeMarco
CCC Journalism Program

Once an individual opens his or her mouth to speak, one cannot help but notice the appearance of their teeth, which could be aesthetically appealing, disgustingly horrid, or somewhere in-between the two extremes.

Starting from a young age, children can form a habitual dental routine with the help of Camden County College.

One day each February, the Blackwood campus’s dental students and staff participate in a yearly event called “Give Kids a Smile! Day,”during which they inform approximately 80 children between the ages of 3 to 12 about dental care and provide free screenings, dental cleanings, and much more.

The college has been actively involved with the 4 hour event for 10 years.

Catherine Boos, who has been a dentist for 27 years and has been working at Camden County College for 24, finds “Give Kids a Smile! Day,” a start in the right direction for children’s dental care.

“It’s a national initiative to try and get children to see a dentist because they don’t have the resources to have an opportunity to see a dentist,” she said.

For Camden County residents who missed the event for their children, the college has an affordable clinic located on the Blackwood campus in Taft Hall, Room 204.

An appointment can easily be made at the following number: 856-374-4930.

However, the clinic, a teaching institute, might not accommodate the needs of everyone because of its hours, the length and time a scheduled appointment takes, or the fact that one might have to revisit multiple times to have a procedure done.

For more information about the William H. Coppherthwaite Dental Hygiene Clinic,visit www.camdencc.edu/html/departments/dentalhygiene/clinicinfo.htm.


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