By Jennifer O’Donnell
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – A new career program, Film and Television Production, has been added to the Camden County College curriculum for September 2012. Students who complete this 60-credit course of study will earn an associate in applied science degree.

Said Professor Allison Green, coordinator of performing and communication arts, “This program of study is specifically designed to make an individual career ready to go into a ground level production job.” Graduates would be qualified from preproduction to post production.

According to the 2012 academic program guide, students can expect to take classes in communications, film and television appreciation as well as art and management. They can also look forward to two semesters of internships. Green said students will go to the internship with a basic knowledge then learn the ways of the individual companies to then become valuable to them.

Upon completion many career opportunities will be available, such as production assistant, camera assistant and assistant editor.

Green, who is also the program coordinator, has been working on this program for three years. When asked what she was excited about with this program, she said she’d get more excited when construction was complete.

Building renovations begin in May and should be complete by the fall 2012 semester. Lincoln Room 16 will be the location for the new studio. It is currently the orchestra room, but with some renovations it will double as the audio recording and film and television studio. It will be outfitted with new storage, camera space and a new green screen. The new space will be able to be closed off and opened up as needed. The kitchen area will be redesigned to become the control room.

Green said the goal eventually would be to produce live television on a public service channel. Portions of the time would be live then the channel would run tapes of CCC shows, concerts, music recitals and other events. Green said, “It would be wonderful, not just for the department, but for the college as a whole.”

Current students are interested in this program. Communication student Jason Ciecka said, “I can’t wait to get more information, because this is exactly what I want to do.”

Students who are interested in this program would need to follow the FLM.AAS course study.

Professor Allison Green works in her office in Lincoln Room 4. By Jennifer O’Donnell, CCC Journalism Program

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