By Max Shatz
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Few clubs at Camden County College can boast the sheer artistic culture exhibited by the Dead Poets Society, a club for those interested in poetry or any form of literature. This culminates once a year at the Dead Poets Society’s Literature Live event, showcasing the poetic talents of all involved in the club. The third annual Literature Live will be April 3 on the Blackwood campus.

Certainly, nobody could be more excited for this event than Dead Poets Society president Andrea Quinn. Performing original works, professors, staff and student members of the Dead Poets Society will be reciting poetry and prose for all in attendance, says Quinn. Along with works in English, attendees can look forward to works performed in several foreign languages with translations provided, adding the diverse and dynamic flavor of world literature to an already full bill. Furthermore, Professor Allison Green of the Visual, Performing and Communication Arts Department will be in attendance representing the Readers Theatre. These works are a preview of a literary journal due for publication by the end of the semester.

Aided by Professor Ken O’Shaughnessy, Quinn anticipates that the third annual Literature Live will be sure to be the best. As a new student at CCC, Quinn was initially confused by the lack of any sort of literary club. Quinn later discovered from O’Shaughnessy that one did exist and she promptly joined in January 2010. Looking for a place to discuss literature with others interested in the subject, Quinn felt right at home, eventually taking the reins of leadership first as vice president, then from former president Robyn Giles. Since then, the club has expanded beyond its beginnings and now has several members, some of whom will be performing at Literature Live on April 3. Quinn urges anyone interested in becoming a member to contact CCCDPS@gmail.com to become a part of the Dead Poets Society mailing list. Fliers are posted around campus before meetings and all are welcome to walk in at the next meeting.

Literature Live will be held at 7:30 p.m. April 3 in Civic Hall on the Blackwood campus, though refreshments will be served at 7 p.m. Latecomers are welcome; however, it is asked that they enter quietly through the back of the hall to avoid disrupting any performers.

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