By Kelly DeMarco
CCC Journalism Program
Is there a lack of appreciation for our environment?
Is there a lack of understanding of being environmentally aware and conscious of our world?
If yes, how do we change for the better?
Where do we even start?
Amanda DeNardo, the 19-year-old president of the Environmental Club at Camden County College, suggests individuals research and grasp knowledge of the go green lifestyle.
She said, “Only when we feel that we have a broad enough understanding of the issue will we truly be able to enact change.”
DeNardo has been interested in the environment since her grade school years.
She approached Jacequeline Tenuto, the assistant to the dean of students, last summer about wanting to start an environmental club.
CCC already was looking for a student to be a part of the Green Initiative Committee, and DeNardo volunteered for the position.
“She is doing a good job. It’s really hard to get a new club off the ground, but if you have the passion and members, you can do anything,” Tenuto said.
DeNardo and the members of the club are actively bringing awareness to their peers on the Blackwood campus.
For International World Water Day, which was March 22, the club had visual aids that displayed water as a key component in food production.
The displays were in the cafeteria and Cyber Café, which are located in the Otto R. Mauke College Community Center.
Also the club’s involvement with events will continue on this year with Earth Day.
To learn more about the environmental events, go to World Water Day’s website www.unwater.org/worldwaterday/ and Earth Day’s www.earthday.org/ .

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