By Zachary Brooks                                                                                     CCC Journalism Program

Camden County College students who don’t do their homework seem to be a minority, likely to the relief of their professors.

“The majority of them are doing it,” said Rita Cotey, an adjunct Spanish professor in her first year at CCC. Cotey said a lot of her students are doing well with their homework and thinks those who don’t do their homework are busy or simply forgot.

Approximately 90 percent of her students turn their homework in on time, she said.

“Anything pertaining to my major I’m up to date on,” said Jeff Saxton, a business administration major in his second year at CCC. Saxton finds his homework to be easy, with the exception of algebra. When he doesn’t do his homework, it’s because of his job.

Saxton likes to do his homework last minute. “I’m a procrastinator,” he said.

Shaquille Griffin is an environmental science major in his first year at CCC, and he is fine with one kind of homework, but not another. “When it comes to standard homework, I’m all for it, but when it comes to online homework, I think it’s counter-productive,” he said.

Griffin finds that his major, environmental science, “has a lot of work I have to do for it,” he said. Griffin feels that it is relevant though, and if he doesn’t do his homework, “it’s pretty much because I forgot,” he said.

The reasons students give for not doing homework seem to match what professors expect.

“I think they have very busy lives and don’t make this a priority,” said Karen Feldman, an elementary and secondary education professor who also teaches transitional studies. Feldman has taught at CCC for about 20 years.

In her two transitional studies classes, about half of the students do their homework. The “overwhelming majority” of students in her elementary and secondary education classes do their homework, she said.

Discussing the quality of homework turned in she said, “students that bother to do it, do it well.”

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