Women do not get as much publicity as men when it comes to sports in colleges.

This is how it seems to be for some students who never knew that their college had sports teams for women.

One of those colleges is Camden County College (CCC).

There are a number of students who were not aware that CCC had women’s sports teams such as women’s soccer and women’s basketball.

For example of achievement women’s teams at CCC have made, The Lady Cougars soccer team is the college’s most successful sports program.

Wikipedia says that Lady Cougars’ soccer team has made the playoffs seventeen of its 19 years and for 14 straight years from 1997 to 2010.

Wikipedia also says CCC’s Lady Cougars has a winning record for 15 seasons and has won four Garden State Championships with two District B championships.

With all the achievements the women’s sports teams have been making at CCC, why is it that they do not get as much publicity with their students on campus?

The women’s sports teams are just as good as men’s in some people’s opinions.

Mandie Milano, 22, is in her fifth semester in CCC and has barely heard about women’s sports in the college.

Milano said, “I just heard about women’s baseball here.”

Because of lack of publicity Milano was not aware of CCC’s women’s sports since her first semester.

“It would be nice if CCC gave more credit and publicity to the women’s sports teams. I would have thought of joining because I like to play sports myself,” Milano said.

Another CCC student in her second semester, Melissa Priore, 19, has heard about the women’s sports teams but never thought they were as serious as the men’s.

“I usually see the men’s teams and games advertised, but not really the women’s,” Priore said.

Priore thinks that they should get more credit and publicity because women’s teams could be just as good as men’s.

“It would give CCC more publicity with the good teams that we have especially if we have good women’s teams,” Priore said.

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