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Although Virtua’s Helene Fuld School of Nursing program has closed its doors to students in the co-operative nursing program, students and faculty should expect the building to reopen as the new administration building late this summer.

Helene Fuld School of Nursing

“Until Helene Fuld became available, we had planned on establishing our administrative offices on the third floor of Taft Hall,” said Ed Carney the executive director of safety and facilities at Camden County College.

The College is finalizing contracts to reacquire the Helen Fuld School of Nursing building and return ownership to Camden County College.

“If all goes well we will begin renovation to re-task the building as the college’s administrative services building,” said Carney.

All of the classes taken at the Helene Fuld will be relocated to the science building when it opens in the fall.

The science building next spring will also host a limited number of classes previously held in Taft Hall building. It will be open to all sciences in the fall of 2013.

The New Science Building

“By relocating the administration offices to Helene Fuld, it will permit us to better utilize the entire Taft Hall building for student services functions, thus permitting us to create a true one stop experience, when applying or seeking guidance in the students educational goals,” said Carney.

Students will no longer have to travel from the Wilson Hall Center to Taft Hall then the Connector Building for services, all would take place at Taft Hall.

Renovations in Taft Hall will begin in the summer 2013 and are scheduled to be completed spring 2014.

Josh Myers from Harrisonville, is a third-year student who takes his psychology class in the Helene Fuld School of Nursing building. He was pleased to learn that the building will be used as the new Administration building.

“I think it makes a lot of sense to have the administration offices all in one location instead of having to bounce around from one building to the next,” said Myers.

As for the future of nursing programs at Camden County College, Our Lady of Lourdes Nursing program is still accepting and graduating applicants. Ann McGinley, the nursing coordinator, is working on developing new nursing programs at CCC

“I was put on board to help with the whole process of looking for a college or university that will bring a bachelorette nursing program to Camden County College,” said McGinley.

McGinley has begun negotiating with various four-year institutions to bring a true BSN program to CCC. She and her colleagues have explored the local state colleges and are working very closely with several schools in the Philadelphia area.

“There is definite interest in bringing the bachelorette nursing program to the Camden County Campus and we are really optimistic to make that happen,” McGinley said.

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