By Sarah Farng                                                                                                                                                                               CCC Journalism Program

The girls’ softball team is already in swing with their year-round training. With fall scrimmages, March games, and May play-offs, the women have been on the field.

Head coach Nick Graziano is in his first CCC season. He describes coaching as being a guidance counselor, coach, and mentor.

He may have the right outlook, as he took Atlantic Cape into an 11-win season, a success he attributes to consistency. “My consistency and my ability to be committed—I’m here to build that,” he said. He plans for a team with a winning atmosphere and revitalized program. Eventually, success could lead to on-campus batting cages, Graziano said.

With multiple coaches previously, softball may have lacked consistency, said Graziano. “It’s the level of commitment between myself, the department, and the girls [that matters]. Having girls think ahead…allows them to know to plan. They have to prioritize,” he said.

At a junior college, girls’ commitment may be tested. “It is absolute life balance. Girls may be working 30 hours a week…the idea is that ideal athletes are not working but practicing,” Graziano said.

Transfer students are also limited in maintaining a place on the team. The NJCAA states that after four years, athletic eligibility expires amongst schools. “A girl who went to Duke and played 3 years may not be eligible for Camden—you only get four years,” Graziano said.

“My goal is to become successful enough so the program becomes successful,” Graziano said. “That commitment will hopefully be mirrored in the girls.”

Assistant coaches are being interviewed for the fall.

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