Shown here is one of the two sides of the fitness center.

Shown here is one of the two sides of the fitness center.

Ever hear of the Wellsprings Fitness Center? Many haven’t. It’s the fitness center at Camden County College’s Blackwood campus. With only a few people who utilize this facility comes few available hours of operation. The fitness center is open to students, employees, and alumni. Anyone who wants to use the center must present a current college identification card. According to Ryan McMamara, who works with Dean Derman as the only two employees who work at Wellsprings, few people are aware about the fitness center.
The majority of center users participate on the school’s sports teams. They come to the fitness center for their physical training. The fitness center is closed to other users while sports teams are using the equipment and machines. After speaking to Noah McFarlane, who is in his second year playing for Camden County College’s basket team, he most likely wouldn’t have known that the fitness center was available.
Jeremy Fischer, 22, biology student, said he knew about the fitness center by looking for it himself. He is not active in sports at the school, but regularly works out, so he ventured to find the fitness center so he could work out at his leisure. Because it isn’t too busy at the fitness center, he is able to work out peacefully, he said.

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