By Albert Dadson
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Zach Gray is a freshman at Camden County College. He is a star center on the men’s soccer team. Even though he is a freshman, he led the team in goals this season and is a main reason the team won the regionals this season. The team is strong and the leaders work hard and are pushing hard for a national soccer title. The Cougars play their first game in the nationals on Nov. 14.

Gray was born in England, where soccer is popular and is the main sport played. England is also where international superstar David Beckham was born and that is from whom Gray gets most of his inspiration.

“My biggest inspiration growing up was David Beckham,” Gray said.

That is a lot of inspiration with Beckham’s reputation. When you look up to great stars like that, it means you have high expectations for yourself and for the team you are on.

“The team’s moral is massive,” he said after the regionals win.

He had backup this season with players such as Francis Kailondo, who had 8 goals, and Dennis Bermudez, who had 5 goals, to back up his team high 10 goals this season.

“We know we had a good team, but we didn’t realize it until after the last couple of weeks,” Gray said.

The team came together after they had time to play with one another and they realized one another’s talents. Everything clicked and now they look to advance in this magical season.

With the confidence Gray has in his team, the Cougars should be fine. With Gray on the team, they should be fine.

On the soccer field, Gray has focused on getting his team to the nationals and to new heights.

“These last three months have been the best three months of my life,” he said.

He has confidence, swagger and is having the time of his life. All these components are necessary to stay consistent and be effective all season.

Gray is not only thinking about this season. He is looking to take this success past Camden County College and further his college career.

“I hope to continue this success next year in my sophomore year and try to get into as good a soccer college as possible,” Gray said.

Now, however, the task at hand is the nationals. With players like Gray, the Cougars are in good hands.

Zach Gray is ready to lead the Cougars to victory. By Albert Dadson, CCC Journalism Program

Zach Gray is ready to lead the Cougars to victory. By Albert Dadson, CCC Journalism Program

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