By Samone Jackson
CCC Journalism Program

Amanda Howe, 33, is the general manager of the bookstores on all three campuses of Camden County College. She has many duties as a general manager for the three Barnes and Noble sites.

Bookstore manager Amanda Howe works on orders for next semester. By Samone Jackson, CCC Journalism Program

Bookstore manager Amanda Howe places book orders for the spring semester. By Samone Jackson, CCC Journalism Program

“I deal with the operation of products, hiring, decision making on books, clothing designs, and other back end work to keep the store running,” she said. “I love what I do, the students make it fun and fresh and there is always something new.”

When the store is on top of things, everything runs smoothly but there are always obstacles such as “technical difficulties,” she said. Howe makes decisions based on the company’s ideas and those of the student body. Howe said her goal for this semester is to “increase reach or penetration with the students and make sure they have everything they need to succeed for next semester.”

Angel Rios has worked for Howe for two years. Before that, Rios had seen Howe working in the bookstore. “She is a good manager, very nice,” he said. “I like working for her. If Amanda was a manager at another job, I would work for her there too.”

Howe supports cause marketing and displays a trend table in the store. “It gives back to unfortunate people in the community and economy,” she said.

Howe has been working in the Blackwood bookstore for 8½ years. She started her career as a bookseller for the Barnes and Noble Company and has worked for Barnes and Noble for 14 years. She has worked in management for 12 years.

Howe graduated with an associate’s degree in business from Drexel University. She has three small daughters.

Judy Finklea has worked for Howe for a year and a half. “She is a very responsible manager and she does her job well,” Finklea said.

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