Signing Costumers In

Every day hairdressers everywhere have a very important job to do. They have to make their customers look presentable in order for them to make a living. It may not seem like their job is very pivotal, but their job is extremely vital. If not for hairdressers, there would be nowhere for anyone to go and get their hair cut. Although their job may seem simple, it is very exhausting. Hairdressers work long hours, on their feet all day, pleasing their clients with haircuts, blow-dries, and updos. I took the time to follow around Diane, a hairdresser at The Hair Cuttery in Cherry Hill New Jersey, for the day and was worn out by the end of it.

Rachel Foster

This photo is of Diane Piccone, at the Cherry Hill Hair Cuttery. She is answering the phone in this photograph, and also working on signing a client into the computer system. Diane was previously working on a haircut, but when the phone rang, she politely excused herself from her current client to answer the phone and sign another in. This photo was taken on Monday, November, 25th.


Mrs. Hunt’s Haircut

Rachel Foster

This photo features Diane Piccone and also her client, Linda Hunt. Diane is working on cutting Mrs. Hunt’s hair, after previously washing it. Because Diane has been doing Mrs. Hunt’s hair for a while now, there was already a previous understanding about what was to be done to her hair. After the haircut was complete, Mrs. Hunt said that she liked the style very much and that she would definitely be coming back to Diane when she is in need of another haircut. This photo was taken on Monday, November, 25th.


Time for a Hair Wash

Rachel Foster

This picture depicts Diane washing the hair of one of her long time clients, Lysha. Diane is washing Lysha’s hair in preparation for her haircut. Each day, Diane goes to the sinks in the back of the salon to wash each costumer’s hair. Some clients, including Lysha, say that this is the best part of the service. This photo was taken on Monday, November, 25th.


Grabbing a Towel

Rachel Foster

Diane is opening the cupboard in this shot, in order to get a towel to hold Lysha’s hair. Not only does Diane need to use many towels each day, but she needs to wash, dry, and fold towels to keep the cupboards full for the other employees. Diane places the towel on Lysha’s head to keep her hair from soaking the cape that she is wearing, and to keep the floors from getting wet. After towel drying the hair, Diane can move on to plugging in the hair dryer. This photo was taken on Monday, November, 25th.


Drying Lysha’s Hair

Rachel Foster

In this picture, Diane is drying her client, Lysha’s, hair. The hairdryer that Diane is using is quite heavy, and she must use it several times a day for extended periods of time. Diane has sections of Lysha’s hair clipped up in order for her to get an even dry. It took about 30 minutes for Diane to dry all of Lysha’s hair and complete her service. This photo was taken on Monday, November, 25th.

By: Rachel Foster

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