IMG_0741 “Reunited”

           Friendship can be a fickle thing. Often times friends question whether or not their relationships will last the promised “forever.”  Every person goes through changes and periods when he or she needs to grow up or move on. Friendship is not as simply as it used to be when friends were children and could simply play outside and meet up during recess. No, as one gets older friendships fade, new ones are formed, and friends must put in the effort to see each other or to make up after a fight; one must work to keep his or her relationship intact.

The years spent in High school are the most influential. It is then that friendships are formed, established and worked for. Friends promise forever, but then comes time for college and everyone has to move on. Many teens worry about their future and where they will find themselves in five years time. But, one of the scariest things that teens experience is the fear of the unknown and possibly loosing their friends. College is when the true test begins, where friends either fight for their relationship or let it dissipate and leave it in the past.

  •  This first photo is of Brianna Shook (Left) and Rachael Hafer (Right) embracing after seeing each other for the first time this year after starting their second year of College. Taken November 23rd, 2013.

IMG_0737 “Nerves”

Featured in this photo is Brianna Shook.  Shook, a current nursing student, is discussing her nerves with me about reuniting with her high school friend Rachael. Taken on November  23rd, 2013.

IMG_0744 “Back to the Start”

In this photograph Brianna Shook (Left) and Rachael Hafer (Right) catch up on each others lives and discuss school, old friends and their plans for next semester. Taken November 23rd, 2013.

IMG_0746 “Inside Jokes”

In this photograph, Brianna Shook (Left) and Rachael Hafer (Right), joke around about high school mishaps and inside jokes that they shared. Taken November 23rd, 2013.

IMG_0745 “Like Old Times”

Photographed is Brianna Shook (Right) and Rachael Hafer (left) walking to their mutual cars, making plans to visit each other, and falling right back into their friendship as if no time had past at all. Taken November 23rd, 2013.

By: Brielle Maugeri

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