By Megan Steigerwald
CCC Journalism Program

The DPS is gearing up for Arts Night Out on April 30th, what started out as the clubs Lit Night Out has now transformed into a community wide cultural event. The event will incorporate the clubs yearly Lit Live into a multi faceted event including live music, and art show and a cocktail reception.

The DPS has been a club at Camden County College for six years. Keith O’Shaughnessy, the clubs’ advisor, described the DPS as a “very clearly defined and vibrant community”, the club is a place where students can share and get feedback on their original works and share thoughts on literature in a safe environment. Even though the basis of the club is to discuss literary works it is very much a social thing, according to O’Shaughnessy, the club builds a sense of community so much so that even former students return for club events.

The DPS hosts speakers and holds events like Poetic Idol. They also produce a literary journal, “The Madison Review” The club meets every other week.

Julia Hand, the club president , has been a member of the DPS since the fall of 2013. She described the meetings as having an open, down to earth atmosphere. The meetings are a judge free zone and Hand explained how it is important it is to have an open creative outlet, away from the college courses, on campus

Hand will leave CCC and her position as president of the DPS in the fall and hopes the “non-judgmental vibes stay”. She also hopes that more people will join the club.

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