By Rhea Keith
CCC Journalism Program

Although it is off-season for the Camden County College women’s tennis team, this does not mean playing tennis has come to a stop for Rachael Crismond.

Crismond, 19, has been playing tennis since she was a freshman at Highland Regional High School.

At first, playing tennis was a form of punishment given by her parents to raise her grades. Soon enough, she ended up falling in love with the game. Playing tennis became a hobby for her.

Once she became a junior in high school, Crismond joined her high school team. Now, Crismond is part of the CCC Women’s tennis team as a freshman.

tennis img

CCC tennis is in off-season now and pre-season begins in July, but Crismond continues to stay in shape and practice year-around. Crismond and her teammates get together as often as they can, to practice and to stay motivated.

Although Crismond is a full-time student and works two jobs, she always makes time to exercise.

“I make time to work out because it’s important to stay in shape to do well in my sport,” Crismond said. She can be found in the gym doing cardio or arm-strengthening workouts.

“Tennis matches can last as quick as 45 minutes to 2-3 hours. Your stamina is everything,” Crismond said. But it just doesn’t stop at exercising; Crismond also takes daily vitamin pills and drinks plenty of water to stay energized.

Not only does Crismond enjoy playing the game she loves, she also has built friendships along the way.

“I didn’t know anyone on my team when I first joined. I had to play doubles with someone I didn’t know, but we found each other’s strengths and weaknesses and worked really well together. I love my doubles partner,” Crismond said.

Crismond is eager to get back on the tennis court this July.

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