By Rachel Walker
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College’s Cougar Cafe has changed its menu to suit the changing needs of the many students who eat there.

This is the Sodexo icon menu in the Cougar Cafe. By Rachel Walker, CCC Journalism Program

This is the Sodexo icon menu in the Cougar Café. By Rachel Walker, CCC Journalism Program

The Cougar Cafe offers the most variety on campus between entrees, beverages and snacks compared to the Connector Cafe in the Connector Building and the Coffee Lab in Halpern Hall. In addition to the variety of choices, the Cougar Cafe works with food service company Sodexo to offer organic, vegan, local and vegetarian choices, which are extremely important to some students on the Blackwood campus.

“Three years ago I found out that I was allergic to gluten,” CCC student Paige DuBois said recently. “I had to change up a lot of the foods that I was used to eating and find alternatives to them. It is not always easy, but it’s nice to have the icons on the menus in the Cougar Cafe. It makes it easy for me to know what I can and cannot have just by looking at the menu. I don’t have to bother the workers or ask them what the ingredients are every time I want to eat something.”

CCC student Laura Kennedy said what she enjoys the most about the Cougar Cafe is the variety offered there. “It’s really great for me because I recently decided to try becoming a vegetarian. The Cougar Cafe makes it easy to stick with that decision because they have plenty of vegan and vegetarian choices for me to pick from. I never really feel tempted to grab a chicken sandwich because there’s so many other options.”

However, some students on the Blackwood campus do not eat at the Cougar Cafe. A student who wished to remain anonymous said he is an especially picky eater and he does not like the selection at the Cougar Cafe. He prefers going to the WaWa that’s just around the corner and picking up something that better suits his taste buds.

CCC student Vanessa Escobar doesn’t mind either option. “I don’t love the food here, but I don’t hate it either,” said CCC student Vanessa Escobar. “It really depends on how I feel that day and what I’m in the mood for. That usually determines whether I eat at the cafe or go to WaWa.”

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