By Montana Marose
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Parking spots in front of Halpern Hall on Camden County College’s Blackwood campus are restricted to low emissions vehicles. The spots are in a small parking lot space next to the designated spots with charging stations for low emitting and fuel efficient cars.

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A sign for LEV parking spots stands in front of Halpern Hall. By Montana Marose, CCC Journalism Program

John Schuck, assistant director of public safety on the Blackwood campus, said recently more spots may be coming.

“If students are compliant enough to be using the spots properly, we are considering to expand them,” Schuck said. Although, he said, “The spots have been there for about 12-18 months” and most students do not know they exist.

The term low emission vehicle means reducing pollution and land development effects from vehicle usage. On the list of LEVs are vehicles that are 2004 and newer. The list is extensive but specific for students to be sure their cars meet the standard for parking in the spots. The list includes the year, make, model, GB class, specs, emissions standards, green score and mpg for both city and highway for the vehicles.

No violations of the standard have been reported. “Typically we (public safety) do not track them in a definitive manner. The list is too particular to follow for every single vehicle. The list we follow is on greenercars.org. However, if we see a huge SUV by any chance parked there, we know it’s most likely not on the list,” Schuck said.

“The LEV spots were put in front of the Halpern Hall because it is adjacent to the charging stations for the electric vehicles,” Schuck said.

Ramos Johnson, a four-year student who uses those spots, stated, “Those spots provide convenient parking spots, and it’s nice because I’ll be parking with other newer cars, hence, more careful drivers. Usually, those spots are available throughout the day because students are unsure if their vehicles are on the list.”

Schuck said he believes only the Blackwood campus of Camden County College has LEV spots; “however, if expansion comes into play, I’m sure the other campuses will be willing to put those in action.”

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