Everyone that has their posterior firmly parked in the stands on game day gets to see the soccer game unfold right before their eyes.

They seldom know what takes place before a Camden County Cougar hits the soccer field.

“we’re the team to be beat. We have a bullseye on our back,” said Coach Giusseppe Lamberti.

As head coach for six years, Lamberti must be doing something right.

James Whitty,20, a sports management major and athlete, describes Lamberti’s style of coaching as “hands on,

Cougar pride is displayed throughout CCC.

Cougar pride is displayed throughout CCC.

involved, tough but fair.”

Asked how he would recommend that his team prepare for game day, Lamberti said “They know what they have to do and shouldn’t do. They’re old enough to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. They know what’s acceptable and what’s not.”

The one rule he asks that they follow is the 48 hour drinking rule.

“They’re a good bunch of kids.” Said Lamberti.

For Whitty, preparation for game day begins the night before with a meal of pasta. His pre-game meal consists of peanut butter on toast, a banana, and Gatorade to stay hydrated.

Whitty’s only must-haves for game day is his uniform and gear or soccer kit.

For Lamberti, the essentials are his scoreboard, pinnies, and of course, the soccer ball.

Lamberti expects his team to be focused, and mentally and physically prepared. They have to be thinking about the game before they arrive, and most importantly, he expects them to win.

“We’re the best team in our region” said Lamberti.

Whitty gets pumped up for the game by listening to house music.

Before his team steps their cleat-adorned feet onto the soccer field, Lamberti brings them into the locker room, talks to them, writes down the game plan for that particular day and then sends them onto the field to have a moment to themselves.

The team, then begins its warm-up. Lamberti has the team stretch, do some ball work so they look sharp and practice possession to see who’s looking good for that day.

Depending on how the previous game went, Lamberti will review it with the team so its better prepared for the game. Then its game time.

The team consists of 30 players, 21 of them international students. Recruited by Lamberti, each teammate must possess talent and athleticism.

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