By Mark Betteridge
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Every Thursday night during the academic year, Camden County College’s Blackwood campus hosts miniature information sessions known as Meet CCC Nights. The sessions, which are held at 6:30 p.m. in Taft Hall, offer students the opportunity to ask questions about such topics as enrollment, financial aid and student services.


Steve D’Ambrosio practices his presentation before the planned Dec. 1 session. By Mark Betteridge, CCC Journalism Program

Since their inception in May 2015, these sessions have drawn from six to 35 aspiring students and their family members, said Steven D’Ambrosio, the coordinator of the Meet CCC Nights. However, the latest session, on Dec. 1, drew no one other than D’Ambrosio, a student volunteer and a journalism student covering the event.

D’Ambrosio said he was discouraged but not surprised about the lack of attendance at that session.

“Usually, these events are a hit or miss in terms of attendance,” D’Ambrosio said.

On the three Thursdays the sessions were held before Dec. 1, attendance ranged from 25 to 35, because those sessions “dealt with specific academic programs, such as mathematics, science and history,” said D’Ambrosio. The Dec. 1 session was planned to deal with general information, such as enrollment and financial aid.

This was not the first time a Meet CCC Night drew no attendees, but when that happens, D’Ambrosio emails would-be attendees encouraging them to ask questions anyway.┬áD’Ambrosio finds out who would like to attend because Camden County College’s website allows students to register for the sessions.

First-time student volunteer Raymond Romo said he was also disappointed by the lack of attendance, because he did not get to help anyone.

The next Meet CCC Night is scheduled for Dec. 8.

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